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Elton John and Britney Spears release acoustic version of ‘Hold Me Closer’

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Elton John and Britney Spears have released the acoustic version of their hit duet, “Hold Me Closer,” along with a video for the new version of their song.

The music video for ‘Hold Me Closer (Acoustic)’ features Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Chen ice skating to a routine he choreographed himself.  In 2019, Chen first incorporated John’s songs into his free skate program after his choreographer saw the motion-picture “Rocketman.” Chen, a lifelong fan of Elton John, decided to use his Elton John-inspired program for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, where he won the Gold Medal for his performance. Following his Olympic victory, Chen and fellow ice-skating colleagues attended one of John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour performances in Charlotte, North Carolina where Elton surprised him with a surprise congratulatory shout-out from the stage.

Said Chen: “Elton John’s music means something to anybody who’s ever listened to it. ‘Rocket Man’ has always intrigued me — it’s otherworldly, but it’s just as much about our lives on Earth, love and loneliness, dreams and disappointments. In a way, ‘Rocket Man’ captures what my own journey has felt like — and getting to skate to it at the Olympics was one of the most special moments of my life. I couldn’t believe it when I heard Elton thought of me for this video. Elton and Britney created something really beautiful with this version of ‘Hold Me Closer’ — and I’m so honored to be a part of it.”

Take a look at the video for the acoustic version of “Hold Me Closer” – here.

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