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Charlie Puth shares the video for his new song ‘Lipstick’

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Charlie Puth has released the music video for his latest song “Lipstick”, the first tracskto debut from Puth’s forthcoming fourth studio album. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter tweeted: “In regards to the song I’m putting out tonight, it is the start of my new album. It’s also one of my favorite mixes I’ve ever done. I think it’s damn near perfect…”

Puth’s most recent album, Charlie, was released in October 2022, and featured the hit singles “Light Switch” and “Left and Right” featuring BTS member Jungkook. In addition, Puth will also star in the new Roku series ‘Charlie Makes a Record’, featuring “borderline-surreal scenarios” inspired by Puth’s life and career.

To stream ‘Lipstick,’ head here.
Take a look at the video for ‘Lipstick’ – here.

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